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The Fliers Of Gy- "once off Emer Cape I danced with the waterspouts...It takes everything to fly. Everything you are, everything you have."

from The Fliers Of Gy- an interplanetary tale by Ursula K. Leguin

Entry illustration for the Folio Society BIA

                                     It's in their eyes.

The Canadian government is funding inhumane killing of harp seals to inflate a market that has no profit. There is also no proof that fish stock is impacted by seals, while climate change plays a big part in it.

For harp seals Canada is a piece of ice getting ever smaller where their killing is permitted.


My interpretation of the song Lola by The Kinks

Full Nest (Obsessed)

Losely based on The Straits Times' article about China's cat-sniffing"empty nest youth".


Thoughts on the judgmental scrutiny of women's sexuality.


Reflecting on medieval censorship measures and how ineffective they are against what really harms us.

      Squirrelled away  

Pieces created for Zocalo Public Square's Sketchbook (,

depicting urban nature's moods.

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